the 2019

ANNUal report has arrived!

In 2019, your support significantly bolstered IBB's programs across the MENA region. It was our biggest, most impactful year yet. 


Because of you, we were able to encourage disaffected youth to develop professional skills, participate in spreading enlightenment values to their peers and families, and ultimately spur change in their communities. You helped us meet our fundraising initiatives during the Global Giving Accelerator, granting us access to receive corporate funding from some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley and beyond. You helped us meet our fundraising goals during our year end campaigns, including securing full matches of $10,000 each from our
generous board member, Daniel Johnson, and Harvard University Professor Steven

Your act of giving back has allowed millions of Middle Eastern youth to move
forward with the values of pluralism, critical thinking, and scientific discovery. Each
dollar raised last year has helped us distribute more books and articles, launch empowerment forums, outreach workshops, and new, innovative programs designed to build resistance to extremism, hatred, and oppression.