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Ideas Beyond Borders is always on the look out for impassioned, committed volunteers to move our mission forward. We're hoping to launch a more formal way for volunteers to get involved here at IBB, but until then, check out our current needs below from our community! 

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Make your birthday even more meaningful. These fundraisers are a huge way to up your impact and help us spread the word about what we do and how! 

1) If you're on Facebook, check out their guidelines and fundraiser how-to. Get started by clicking their "Start-a-Fundraiser" button. 

2) Start your fundraiser two weeks before your special day so your friends and family have time to see it, understand your special cause, and then donate! 

3) We find that setting your fundraising goal between $250-500 USD typically performs the best, but you know your network best! Feel free to scale up or scale down. 

4) When crafting your post, speak genuinely about what Ideas Beyond Borders means to you! Why do you support their mission? What aspects of our mission and our program are you most excited about? Your friends and family want to hear why YOU support our cause! 

5) Matching funds is a great way to inspire your network to give - any matching amount helps build momentum and shows your dedication. 

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