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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

IBB’s planning for 2021 right now! Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the things we’re working on. With your help, we’ll launch our New Middle Eastern Enlightenment Campaign, a major new initiative engaging more than 100 million Middle East youth this decade.

  • Local voices that stand for Enlightenment values

  • Banned books, a new feature combating regional government censorship. E.g., the New York Times recently highlighted the Kuwaiti government's role in banning more than 4,300 books, from Orwell to ‘Little Mermaid"

  • Critical thinking, including media literacy and more. We live in the age of information, but also we live in the age of disinformation. IBB will expand on its critical thinking and media literacy series to help in-region youth navigate new media, so they can avoid falling for extremist propaganda and fake news

All told, the campaign will produce hundreds of free videos and infographics, plus thousands of articles - capitalizing on what IBB learned from the Stop the Spread COVID campaign

None of this is possible without your help. Thank you!

Please consider making a gift to IBB. We would be most grateful to be included in your year-end giving plans!

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“In this dire situation...the need is for people who are going to be truth tellers, the need is for people who are going to be strong and tough. I think that IBB plays this rolea responsible, smart, non-partisan player." Ambassador Alberto Fernandez

Ideas Beyond Borders hosted “Winning the War on Disinformation in the Middle East,” an online event with special guest Ambassador Alberto Fernandez on November 17, 2020. IBB’s Founder and President Faisal Saeed al Mutar provided a program update, and IBB translators and Middle East Team Lead Ahmed AlRayyis also shared their stories.

Ambassador Fernandez explained the landscape of disinformation, and how it is spreading more quickly through the Middle East than ever before via social media, most recently on the topic of COVID-19. There are both familiar and new disinformation actors in the landscape. Russia and Iran are the usual players, while China, a new and neutrally viewed actor, is rapidly growing in prominence.

Fernandez said it is crucial to understand and address disinformation in the Middle East because “our world is interconnectedwe can’t set aside what is happening in other parts of the world.”

IBB’s translators and Middle East Team Lead Ahmed AlRayyis shared regional perspectives from Iraq, Lebanon, and Turkey, and stressed the need to combat disinformation in the region. Issam Fawaz, one of IBB's translators, shared that "the Bayt Al Hikma 2 project gives me hope. It also offers the weapon that [local political and religious leaders] fear the most, truth as it is...this is our only path forward" to emphasize this point.

All agreed that IBB is a powerful tool for internet users in the Middle East to fight disinformation, and it needs to grow and expand to continue this crucial work. When young people have access to truth and knowledge, communities flourish.

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Giving Tuesday is Tuesday, December 1st this year. We’re gearing up for a great campaign, and we’ll be sharing details with you in the coming days.

First, though, here’s why it all matters: IBB’s translators and social influencers are in a daily battle to establish a more pluralistic, freer, and modern Middle East, combating China, Russia, and regional regimes who spread disinformation and confusion.

Hear Momen, an IBB translator, talk about why your support is so important:

You made it happen: IBB’s Stop the Spread COVID-19 public education campaign succeeded beyond our wildest expectations this year. The results are astounding, with more than 30 million people viewing content to date:

Donate now to IBB's Giving Tuesday Campaign!

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