Ideas Beyond Borders Launches Online Distribution Platform for their House of Wisdom 2.0 Program

New platform launched by a refugee-led non-profit distributes meaningful and often inaccessible best sellers, videos, and articles in Arabic for free.

New York, NY, July 12, 2019 -- Ideas Beyond Borders (IBB) -- a 501(c)(3) organization -- has launched a new website hub that makes their English-to-Arabic translations of dozens of books, thousands of articles, and millions of words available for free throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

“Arabic speakers are the 4th largest group of internet users, yet are able to access only 0.6% of all online content,” says Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, the founder of IBB. “That’s because more books are translated into Spanish in one year than into Arabic in a thousand years, and authoritarian governments in the region curtail free speech. Our mission is to make otherwise inaccessible content accessible to millions of Arabic speakers worldwide.”

Named after the “Golden Age” centuries ago when critical thinking, scientific research, and open dialogue flourished throughout the Arab World, Ideas Beyond Borders translation project hopes to rekindle that spirit of inquiry and exploration. “We named the program ‘House of Wisdom 2.0’ to remind our readers of their rich history, and encourage them to rediscover its diverse traditions by reading newly translated books and articles showcasing reason, humanism, and art.”

With an illustrious Advisory Board including author Dr. Steven Pinker of Harvard University, former ambassador to the Netherlands Dr. Cynthia Schneider of Georgetown University, and the former Dean of the Harvard Medical School Dr. Jeffrey Flier, IBB is determined to enlighten and empower millions of people who are otherwise marginalized and manipulated by a paucity of available content.

IBB is supported in this translation and distribution initiative by over 14 partners, including the Human Rights Foundation, the Muslim American Leadership Alliance, Wikimedia, and TedX. IBB has also launched on the ground training and empowerment programs in post-ISIS territories with the University of Mosul and other institutions, and continues to pursue similar opportunities to spread a grassroots movement throughout the Middle East.

About Ideas Beyond Borders

Founded by an Iraqi refugee, the mission of IBB is to prevent extremism before it takes root by making inaccessible ideas and content accessible. IBB empowers people to retain their cultural identities while pushing against authoritarian censorship, hate, and violence. To date, IBB has reached over 2.4M people through the translation of more than a dozen books including Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now, as well as 1,600 Wikipedia articles covering topics ranging from human rights to physics. IBB also leads grassroots educational programs in post-ISIS territories.

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