• Faisal Saeed Al Mutar

IBB's team receives a thank you letter from the Iraqi Medical Association

“We can not win our fight with Covid 19 when our doctors and medical staff are not protected." —Dr. Jassim Al-Meamari, Head of the Iraqi Medical Association, Mosul

Before purchasing the medical-grade N-95 masks required for this initiative, IBB made sure to cooperate with the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Iraqi Medical Association. We sent samples with the required quality and manufacturing certifications to the Ministry, which quickly approved them within 48 hours. Only then did IBB complete the purchase.

IBB’s team included Dr. Khalid (acknowledged here) and a humanitarian army of 75 volunteers (mostly doctors) and 242 students. They came from across the country, and from every region served by the Initiative. They packed the masks and food baskets, distributed fliers featuring basic health information on preventing COVID-19 transmission, drove the trucks, delivered the masks to hospitals, and delivered food and masks to homes in five provinces.

As of today, IBB provided 144,500 Masks and 756,000 Meals.

Thank you Iraq Medical Association for the letter and your continuous assistance to Iraq and IBB.

Covid19 Mission Video

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