In Just Four Months, More than 30 Million Viewed IBB’s COVID-19 Information

When Ideas Beyond Borders launched its Stop the Spread public education campaign in mid-March 2020, there were two urgent goals:

1) Upending the flood of COVID-19 disinformation propagated by regional regimes, China and Russia

2) Educating Arab youth about the steps they should take to protect their health and combat the pandemic.

We have met our goals, thanks to our Middle East team of Arab youth translators and social influencers. The results are astounding, with more than 30 million people viewing our content to date:

When you think about it, the Stop the Spread campaign is the new Middle East Enlightenment in action. Every time a new video or article is posted, our Middle East team of translators and social influencers is supporting science, critical thinking and freedom of expression--and they are making lives better, every day.

That’s why we can’t stop now! With your support, we will reach millions more with our accurate information, and successfully combat the scourge of disinformation plaguing the Middle East.

Donate now to help win the war against disinformation in the Middle East!

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