Top 10 Arabic Translation Memes

In the mood for some levity? Check out these translation mishaps pulled from across the web.

#translationmatters -- and Ideas Beyond Borders knows it! We're a 501(c)3 founded by an Iraqi refugee dedicated to translating banned, controversial materials into Arabic such as works on women's rights and reproductive health, human rights, humanism and evolution. Ideas Beyond Borders has touched the lives of millions of Arabic-speakers, empowered hundreds of translators, distributed 12 books and 1600+ articles (including western bestsellers like Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now!), and is igniting a movement of youth dedicated to elevating the region and empowering its people with its flagship translation program.

Check out these memes and see what happens when translation doesn't quite go as planned!


Evil Saloon, anyone? Only if you want a wicked haircut!


All of these flavors are wild, TBH


Translation Meme

Someone call Brick! He loves lamp.




Okay, someone's salty.


Hopefully you'd have to eat a lot of it before the effects could kick in.


Enticing, but(t)...


Thanks a lot for reminding us!!


Where could this possibly lead.


Does this count as cannibalism?

Bonus for Arabic Speakers:

Did he try the meatballs?

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