The biggest threat to extremism

isn't drones firing missiles, 

it's girls reading books. 

Nicholas Kristof 

New York Times Columnist

The biggest threat to extremism

isn't drones firing missiles, 

it's girls reading books. 

Nicholas Kristof 

New York Times Columnist



Ideas Beyond Borders designs, develops, and implements each of our programs to provide vulnerable youth and young adults with empowering, inspirational perspectives that encourage the critical thinking necessary to refute extremist claims and narratives. 

We work with experts and community leaders across the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) to help combat the rampant oppression of free speech and human rights abuses that plague the region. These abuses create hostile environments to diversity, access to knowledge, and global perspectives, which in turn create individuals susceptible to radicalization and acceptance of extremist narratives. 


We believe ideas matter. Access and education matter. Youth empowerment and women's rights matter. By working diligently to achieve a world where global perspectives and universal human rights thrive in empowered communities, we can reduce extremist hate and violence and build a better future across the MENA region.  

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. This includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers. 



Our Flagship Translation Program

The original House of Wisdom, or Bayt Al Hikma, refers to a Golden Age in the Middle East when ideas were openly shared and scientific discovery dominated conversation in the world's biggest library in Baghdad. Our program aims to rekindle the pursuit of knowledge, enlightenment ideas, and scientific revelation across the MENA region. 

We translate key works from some of the world's most renowned authors, as well as articles on Wikipedia across a diverse range of topics, magazines and websites that align with our core mission. We focus on granting youth access to consider and express empowering ideas on civil rights, freedom of religion, women's rights and more. 

All of content is free, and our Arabic Facebook page has over 80,000 followers across 120 countries including Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria. Over one-third of our following is based in Iraq. 

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Our Online Dialogue Program

Global Conversations is our online discussion forum, engaging over 2 million people and counting. We curate content specifically designed to spark lively, spirited discussion on controversial topics - from innovative technologies to people fighting for free speech around the globe. 

How does this advance our mission? By creating an online space where all ideas are welcome and dialogue is encouraged, we're exposing our visitors that hail from 120+ countries to wildly different paradigms in the hopes of expanding the conversation and their horizons.

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Our Revolutionary Community-Based Curricula 

In today's digital world, vulnerable youth face heightened exposure to extremists and their content. They're bombarded with extremist messaging on the internet and social media channels, and frequently suffer from internal conflicts of identity and belonging, inability to cope with distressed home lives, and human longing to fit in.


These prime factors in the radicalization of today's youth, coupled with interactions with religious or racially-charged extremism, mean that extremism is a problem that needs to be addressed via the public education system. We need to discover new and effective ways to make vulnerable youth think twice in the face of hate-filled extremist narratives. 


Our programs rely on you. We need involved, impassioned community members and donors to help us succeed.