The Road to Radicalization: How Are Youth Recruited?

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Experts on Preventing Extremism Before It Takes Root

Ideas Beyond Borders develops and implements international programs to keep young adults from going down the road to radicalization. We empower individuals with knowledge often suppressed by authoritarian regimes and dictatorships. We encourage youth and young adults to think critically about topics ranging from human and civil rights to science and reason, making inaccessible topics accessible and sparking curiosity. We lay the groundwork for people to retain their cultural identities while questioning the status quo, pushing back against extremist hate and violence and finding their own unique voice to prevent the violent outcomes of extremist ideology. 

We've done our research. We've asked hundreds of leading counter-terrorism experts and former extremists themselves, "What changes minds?"

Whether its Rosa Parks and literature on the Civil Rights Movement, Sam Harris' Waking Up, the Federalist Papers or the history of the French Revolution, part of the answer is always access to ideas

Together, we're making the inaccessible, accessible to Arabic-speakers across the globe.


Our programs rely on you. We need involved, impassioned community members and donors to help us succeed.