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sam HARRIS has written 5 New York Times Best-sellers.

Ideas Beyond Borders is working to translate and distribute Sam's works (including his best-sellers) to our 4.1 million followers in the Arab world. We're spreading his philosophy on our free platform so Arabic speaking youth can read it, understand it in their own language, and ultimately, learn from it. 

help us spread them. 

WE're distributing Sam's ideas to youth who need it most.

In much of the Arab world, secularism is punishable by death or imprisonment. Arab nations top the charts for the most egregious human rights and freedom of speech and expression violations. Ideas Beyond Borders is working to change that by building a movement of youth dedicated to freedom of speech, pluralism, and enlightenment values. 


Arab youth are craving content on critical thinking, secularism, and more - content like Sam's best-sellers. Help us get it to them. We focus on meeting Arab youth where they are; we optimize our translated works for mobile, we distribute our content for free, and we invest in multimedia campaigns that push Sam's messages to the widest audience possible. 

We've recently launched Lying, and it's already received thousands of visitors to its page with over 40,000 views of it's book trailer. We're working hard to get his books to even more youth. Imagine the impact Sam's words can have on the next generation of young Arabic-speaking leaders everywhere

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Islam and the Future of Tolerance.png

Arabic Cover Art for Lying (left) and

Islam and the Future of Tolerance (right).

A Short Book Trailer (English Version) produced in Arabic as a hook to encourage downloads of Sam's book, Lying.


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