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We're pursuing partnerships with video content creators to grow the amount of information available in Arabic on empowering topics. These include critical thinking, human rights, science, health literacy, and more. We're looking to take your videos and subtitle and distribute them to our audience of 4.5 million people. We'll always credit your organization or brand, and can provide you with Arabic subtitling for your own channels that will auto-appear only for your Arabic-speaking audience. We'll widen the reach of your content. Together, we can ignite a movement of Arab youth committed to changing minds and changing lives. 



Ideas Beyond Borders (IBB) is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that translates books, articles, videos, and audiobooks about human rights, critical thinking, and science into Arabic. We distribute this content for free via our online distribution platform, Bayt Al Hikma 2.0, and our robust social media channels to make inaccessible content accessible to Arabic speakers world wide. For more information, visit our translation program page

the problem we solve

Just 0.6% of the internet is available in Arabic, but in contrast, Arabic is the 4th most spoken language among internet users. Some studies suggest that 70% of the Arab world is monolingual, and several Arab nations top the charts with the most curtailed freedom of expression.

Arab youth growing up under the horrors of extremist and authoritarian regimes are searching for information, education and empowerment. When youth don't have access to empowering ideas, they can't participate in civic debate, uplift their communities, or build a better future. IBB is built to share empowering content with them and ignite a movement of Arab youth dedicated to critical thinking, freedom of expression, and pluralism. 

We're successful because we meet our audience where they are. We distribute our content online, we optimize it for mobile, and we offer it for free. Our followers engage with us on social media (particularly Facebook), and consume our multimedia content at rates of thousands of views per day. 

our impact

4.5 million followers across 120 countries

Over 3000 articles and 12 books published

free online distribution platform 

interested in helping us change the world?

Reach out to us via partnerships@ideasbeyondborders.org and let us know, or fill out the form below. 

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