connecting with Arabic-speaking

youth via videos on social media 

IBB meets Middle Eastern young adults where they are with information that fits their needs. We distribute these ideas for free to our audience, making sure we optimize for mobile, internet speeds, distribute on social media, create engaging video content, and more. 

The percentage of people actively using the internet has skyrocketed across the region, from 25% in 2010 to more than 65% in 2018. A recent survey by a Dubai-based market research firm showed that Internet usage among youth is even higher, most likely due to the rise in mobile phone ownership. This growth in internet access, particularly through cell phones, has given them the ability to connect via social media like never before. On par with growth in internet access, the number of social media users in the MENA region has tripled in just five years, having gone from 56 million in 2013 to 164 million in 2018.


Social media is now the leading channel for content consumption and information for MENA youth. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) suggests this is partly because social media enables young people to exchange advice on taboo themes in society (e.g., sexuality, mental health, etc.). Increased internet access has also enabled new types of content. Online video's viewership segment has exploded among MENA region youth, with video watch time rising by 90% year after year. According to the World Economic Forum, video now comprises almost 70% of all internet consumer traffic in the region.

samples of our videos

Links to live videos on our facebook page

Corona #Conspiracy 

A 3rd-party satirical video that we helped popularize via our page, this video pokes fun at different conspiracies that surround the virus. It has been shared over 16,000 times, liked 48,000 times, and been viewed over 4M times. 

10 Myths About Covid-19

IBB commissioned and directed the production of this video, distributed via our partner network, I Believe In Science. It highlights the 10 myths surrounding COVID-19. It's been shared and liked thousands of times. 

Why Do We Believe Conspiracy Theories?

IBB produced and distributed this video on the Bayt Al Hikma 2.0 program page. It is a brief introduction to why the human mind believes conspiracy theories. 

Follow These Steps to Stop the Spread of Covid-19

IBB produced and distributed this video on the Bayt Al Hikma 2.0 program page. It is a brief overview of how viewers can stop the spread of COVID-19 in their own communities while being less panicked about the virus. 

a Preview of our cRITICAL Thinking Series

This videos was produced as a part of IBB's Critical Thinking Series. This particular critical thinking video highlights

confirmation bias.




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